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[[[LIVESTREAM TV]](] Germany v Japan live 25 August 2023

Nov 23, 2022 — FIFA rankings: Germany (11), Japan (24). Live updates; Match stats

Gundogan stands up for the penalty, as Var completes its checks: the decision stands! Gundogan, cool as you like, makes the net-strings dance! Germany take the lead. Credit: Alex Grimm/Getty Images 1:29PM 29 min: Germany 0 Japan 0 On the edge of the box after some clever play on the right wing, Gnabry shifts the ball back to Gundogan, who fires unspectacularly straight into the hands of Gonda. Gnabry cuts back to Gundogan through the centre this time, who plays to Raum. His crossed is blocked well, but there's a second attempt from Gundogan which is also kept out. Germany lacking a clinical edge, at present, in the face of Japan's crafty defence. 1:27PM 27 min: Germany 0 Japan 0 Germany are looking threatening in the box, Gnabry playing into Havertz, who sets back to Gundogan, but Raum's final pass is easily defendable, and gives Japan some breathing room to push play towards the halfway line. There's a whiff of the ordinary about Germany, who are yet to meet expectations.

The ball is unleashed down the left, and Kubo on the run picks up the ball for a clever cross into the box. But he's offside, and the whistle blows as Kubo goes down momentarily. 1:38PM 37 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Rudiger heads off the corner, and Japan come powering forward again. Schlotterbeck topples a player on the run, but escapes a card. Ito, retaking possession, is now set upon by Schlotterbeck and Musiala, and momentum spins back to Germany. Gnabry drags play back to the box, and attempts to usher the ball in.

Gondo steps out to wildly punch the ball away, Japan quickly neutralising the threat. 1:35PM 35 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 That one will sting for Japan, the goalkeeper committing an entirely unavoidable foul. Sakai on the run on the right is shut down efficiently by Raum for a corner. 1:33PM 32 min: GOAL!! Germany 1 Japan 0 Penalty check for Germany! Raum pulls down a ball just inside the box, and Gondo goes for the challenge, before collapsing a second time on the German. There's some investigation into the second. It looks like a stumble, the second foul, which I believe is the one being investigated.

2:54PM 90+2 min: Germany 1 Japan 2 Tomiyasu goes down for a moment, ringed by Japan players, and when play starts again, the Germans reset, looking for a route through. But first they'll have to hold possession: Asano sneaks possession and goes on the run. He sends the ball to Endo, who looks for Minamino in the box, but with no luck.

Who shone? And who sputtered? Share your full time player ratings here: 3:02PM A sensational second half Japan electrified the final 45, with some crucial substitutions that made all the difference for the team. Germany never had so much heart, even if they did have moments of quality. 3:01PM FULL TIME: JAPAN BEAT GERMANY 2-1! This time, Gonda punches the ball away definitively. The ball goes sprinting away, and the whistle blows! How's that for a World Cup upset? I'll take three 0-0 draws for something like this! Credit: Alexander Hassentein/Getty Images Credit: Petr Josek/AP 2:59PM 90+7 min: Germany 1 Japan 2 Germany throw players into Japan's box as they are awarded a free kick to round off the match.

Japan have managed to scuttle them a number of times. 1:25PM 25 min: Germany 0 Japan 0 Havertz on the run sprints through the left, seeking support, but under pressure from Japan's defence can only play back. There's a quick pause whilst Endo's challenge on Havertz is investigated by Var for handball, but even the German side don't appeal too forcefully. 1:22PM 22 min: Germany 0 Japan 0 The corner is player short to Tanaka, who floats the ball in to Itakura and Yoshida. The ball skids off Itakura, who cries for a corner: no such luck. 1:21PM 20 min: Germany 0 Japan 0 Gundogan sends a flick back to Musiala who attempts the first shot, but he's tackled neatly by Itakura. Clawing the ball back, Germany can take a final shot but it clears the cross bar with room.

In the pause, Japan make changes: Mitoma for Nagatomo, and Maeda comes off for Asano. Mitoma has been in lively form for Brighton, so could thrill here. Within moments, it's the other substitute, Asano, who benefits from a break down the right with a flying attempt. 2:17PM 55 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Musiala wins the ball on the left, and Havertz makes a run into the box to pick up a ball played a shade too heavily. Musiala floats in to mop up with a cross, but Gonda can intervene with minimal fuss. 2:15PM 53 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Sakai whips in a throw, as Japan look for a concerted spell on the ball. Gundogan intervenes, however, stymying a run on the left for another throw in. Kamada is next to run the ball in, picking up the ball on the edge of the box to curve the ball deep.

2:32PM 70 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Asano again makes it down the wing with lightning quick pace. Rudiger is more than getting his steps in keeping the Japanese forward under wraps. Gondo has to spring into action to keep out shots from Muller, than Gnabry. Then Gnabry again, then Gnabry at close range! Gonda had to frantically answer everything Gnabry threw at him, capitalising on the goalkeeper's rebounds.

Germany play the blame game after 'ludicrous' Japan defeat Nov 23, 2022 — FULL TIME: JAPAN BEAT GERMANY 2-1! This time, Gonda punches the ball away definitively. The ball goes sprinting away, and the whistle

Germany have been underwhelming, even as they lead. Japan have far more to be cheered by. But that doesn't earn them any points, does it? Sule sends a tidy backheel back to his team-mate, who flows play up field. Musiala looks for an opening, but is shut down quickly. 1:41PM 41 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Musiala seeks to drive through the centre of Japan's half, but he's surrounded by blue shirts. Passing back to Gundogan, he attempts to play through, but Japan keep him out too. Kimmich from just outside the box picks up a well-weighted pass from Muller, which he boots over the cross bar. Oh dear. A Mexican wave. 1:40PM 39 min: Germany 1 Japan 0 Kubo picks up the ball in the midfield, hoping to dry up the tide of German possession.

They are now 100/1, having started the day at 300/1. 3:56PM Elsewhere in Group E Spain plays Costa Rica at the Al Thumama Stadium. Kick-off is at 4pm UK time. What are you waiting for? Follow along here. Credit: Fantasista/Getty Images 3:55PM Hansi Flick has a job to do It will take a titanic mentality shift for Flick's players to rise about this defeat, as bad memories from 2018 come flooding back. Combine that with ending their 21-match unbeaten run, and Germany will need wholesale rebuilding ahead of their match against Spain on Sunday. But Flick's side already raised eyebrows before a ball was kicked, due to issues with squad depth, and the lack of in-form goalscorers. Worryingly, it may yet prove that Musiala's substitution was a forced one after he struggled with full-throated challenges in the second half.

Germany vs. Japan: Free World Cup live stream, TV, how Germany vs. Japan: Free World Cup live stream, TV, how to watch games. Published: Nov. 23, 2022, 5:55 a.m.. (AP Photo/Vadim

Germany vs Japan summary: score, goals and highlights 1-2 Nov 23, 2022 — Nov 23, 2022 The game will kick off at 8 a.m. ET and 5 a.m. PT. Good morning and welcome! Welcome to AS USA's live coverage of this World Cup Group E


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